Friday, June 24, 2016

Every Journey Begins with A Single Step

Sometimes, we make poor choices.  Trust me.  I know.  I was busy doing it for a long time!

For those that keep up with me regularly, you know I've had a rough second semester at school.  First Grade is usually a circus, but these monkeys were definitely a group of happy little challenges this time!  It was hard!  I had a hard time getting myself ahead at school, and it took a toll on my personal life.  Then, after the first half of the second semester, everything fell apart.  That last quarter was awful (for my personal life, not my classroom)!  And that's when I just stayed down.

Well, I finally decided to take life by the horns and go with it.  I am not doing anything related to my classroom this summer.  Mostly because I have no idea what I'm going to be teaching next year I need to spend some time focusing on me.  And that's just what I have been doing.

The first day of summer vacation was awful, I have to admit.  When I realized that I didn't bring any work home and my life was pretty much empty with all that happened, I was so bored.  And boredom lead to free time.  And free time lead to depression.

So I decided to just start getting in touch with some friends.  I had plenty of great conversations via Facebook, texting, phone calls... It wasn't the same as actually spending time with friends, though.  Unfortunately, I wasn't really feeling up to that.  I was miserable, and I didn't know how to stop!

When my friend invited me to check out her Sneak Peak into Team Beachbody, I agreed... but only because I was bored and it would give me something to do.  And when I agreed to become a coach, it was again mostly because I was bored and it would give me something to do.  Ha!  (There were some other reasons, like the income possibilities, the accountability, and the discounts on stuff I was already using!  But the fact that I'd have something to do was the winner.)

Who would have thought that this group would give me enough personal strength to get out of that hole I dug myself into?!?  Not only am I feeling better because I have something to occupy my mind, but I'm also feeling better because I have something to occupy my body!  I'm getting back into the routines I had before I lost myself.  Back into the healthy habits I used to be a [self-proclaimed] master of!  Back to being me!

And all it took was one silly little Sneak Peek followed by a Challenge Group.

And while I'm at it, I am slowly but surely rebuilding my confidence in myself and what I am capable of.  I'll be honest, I don't feel good when I don't look good.  (And I mean when I think I don't look good.)  I just finished a 3-day [sort of] cleanse like a boss, and I'm ready to go all in with clean eating and tone up what got fluffy! Haha!

I started the three-day program on Monday this week and finished it Wednesday.  The "after" photo was Thursday morning before I took the dogs to their 8am vet appointment.  And for the record, vet at 8:00 in the morning during the summer?  Stupidest thing I've done all summer so far! Haha!

Check that out!  I'm definitely impressed with myself for this one!  The motivation of my coach, the support of my team and challengers, the encouragement from my friends and family... That tummy is getting flatter, and I'm rocking that bikini this summer with confidence!

As for the rest of the things... I've got plenty left to work on, but I'm focusing on getting myself back together from the inside out.  First, this 3-day program.  I'm almost finished 5 Love Languages, I started another round of my workout program, I've gotten a solid start to clean eating, and I still have so much more to do!  I really am glad I decided to work on myself this summer.  I'm also glad this group of people on my Beachbody team sort of just fell into my lap.

What are you doing to better yourself this summer?

P.S.  If you're interested in how you can start your own journey, feel free to comment below, leave me your email address, send me an email, or friend me on Facebook!  (If you go the route of Facebook, make sure you message me, too.)

P.P.S. (Yeah, I went there.)  If you know of any great blogs or Facebook groups for 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th grade, send links my way!  I'll be teaching one of those... or a combination of two of them. Really.

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