Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Made-It

You know what time it is... MONDAY MADE-IT!!  Haha!

Okay, so maybe I was a bit too excited that time.  But I finally put my printer to good use.  Might as well... I have a free month of HP Instant Ink!

So here we go...

This is the first time I've made contact cards, but I think I'm going to like it.  This will make sure there is no excuse This will make it easy for parents to find my contact information and get in touch when they need something!

I just picked up some Avery business cards and printed the information on them.  I made my little character using the Build a Teacher clipart set created by Melonheadz.  I still need to laminate them and put a magnet on the back.  To be honest, I don't even think I'm going to laminate... I don't want to cut them out again. Haha!  I figure the magnet on the back will make it easy, and I'll pass them out at Meet the Teacher night.  (The families that don't come to Meet the Teacher Night will just have to wait until the first day of school.)

Post cards.  I usually don't do this so early, but hey.. I had labels.  I have a printer.  Why not?

I will address them when I get my class list (so the night before school starts), and I'll put them in the mail before work on that first day.  Easy peasy; already done. ;)

These bookmarks aren't quite finished yet, either.  I will laminate these once I get back to school.  After they are laminated, I'll add a short stack of Post-It notes to the bottom there, and voila!

This Made-It was inspired by 4th Grade Frolics, and you can get the template from Joanne Miller's TPT Store {here}.

As you guys know, I'm not going to be teaching First Grade next year.  I'm moving on up. :)  Still not sure what grade level I'll be teaching, but I know it will be some form of 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th grade.  In any case, a traditional word wall just isn't going to do.  Instead, I decided to go with personal word walls.  (I'm a bit disappointed in my titling skills, though.  I literally *just* had the thought to make these "My Pocket Word Wall" notebooks, but they're all printed and labeled already.  Oh well.  I like them anyway.)

The first however-many pages are blank.  Students will use those pages to create their word study lists.  The last 26 pages each have a letter on them.  (I just used my old scrapbooking stickers.)

On these lettered pages, students will collect commonly misspelled words and words they have asked me to help spell for them.  Also, any words that are misspelled in their writing will go in this notebook.  It will be a very tailored word wall specifically for each student.

Lastly, I made folders for the different independent activities students will be doing.

Mastering Math Facts is a program for which I attended training several years ago.  The program is great if it's done correctly and with fidelity!  I just hadn't (until now) found a way that I like for students to keep track of their data.  

The program is copyrighted, so I won't share more of what's in the folder.  However, you can do a quick Google search of your own and find the information.  (I didn't tell you that! Ha!)

I also needed a way to individualize students' reading fluency.  AIMSweb is sort of a big deal in my district, so I need students practicing as much as they can.  

Obviously, without knowing my students' current abilities (let alone who my students are Lol!), I can't put the materials inside the folder yet.  However, I did find these tracking sheets and rubrics.  I will include them in the left pocket of the folder along with the week's fluency practice in the right pocket.

I don't know the original source, but you can get the tracking sheets {here}.

And finally, the Writing Portfolio.  My students will have a writer's notebook, so I didn't need anything elaborate as far as a portfolio goes.  However, they do need a place to keep their drafts and final copies ready for publishing.  Enter:  The folder.

The only thing left for me to do is add labels for "Works in Progress" and "Ready for Publishing" on each of the pockets.

For each of these folders (and the Personal Word Wall notebooks), I used the School Subject Kidlettes by Melonheadz.  Everything was printed on Avery labels.  I accidentally bought full-sheet labels because I wasn't paying attention, so this is what I used them for!  Then I went back for the half-sheet labels when I decided how I wanted to add the 6 + 1 Traits to the writing folder!

So there you have it.  I think I'll spend the rest of July outside!  Once August hits, I know it's all going to go by so fast!

What have you been up to?
And what are your plans for the rest of the month??

Take it easy, and enjoy the rest of summer!  We deserve it!


  1. You have been busy! I definitely need to get all of your ideas!

    1. Haha! I've been such a slacker until this week, and I really did most of this stuff over the course of three days. And tomorrow, I'll be going back to my slacker form in an effort to milk these last few weeks of summer. ;)

  2. You have been working hard. I worked on my teacher cards this week but haven't laminated them yet either. I like the personal word wall notebooks. That is a great idea!

    1. I keep going back and forth between laminating and leaving it or putting a magnet on the back. We shall see... ;)

  3. The personal word walls is a great idea! I got Instant Ink and am going crazy, too!

    1. Thanks! I turned off my printer after I did these things. Ha! I'm not turning it back on until August!! ;)

  4. You've been super busy! Good luck in your new grade, I went from 2nd to 3rd years ago and ended up loving 3rd grade. Not sure I'd want to go any higher though. Love all your ideas!

    1. That was all I had, though. Haha! I'm going to try to just relax and enjoy the rest of summer since I don't actually know what I'm doing next year. August will come soon enough, and hopefully they'll have a for-sure grade level early in the month. Until then, hiking adventures and reading. :)

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