Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday Made-It (on Tuesday)

Hi, all!!

I'm a little late this week, but I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics once again for the Monday Made-It!  (Definitely go through some of the other blogs that are linked up.  All of these teachers have amazing ideas!!)

I have to admit... I didn't actually "make" this.  I told you last week that I probably wouldn't do much because I was out of town.  It was a great week catching up with family and friends.

My niece and nephew with me

Now that I'm back home, I guess I should start thinking about what I need to do to ready myself for the year.

Earlier this summer, I decided that I am going to find a way to make parent conferences more student-centered.  I'm going to make student-led conference work this year!  So naturally, I started looking for things to put in a portfolio or something so students can have something to share with their families during these conferences.

I came across The Curriculum Corner and their student data binder.  I think it was originally intended for me to keep up with student data, but I'm absolutely using it for the students to do their own tracking!

I already have binders for each student.  Thankfully, The Curriculum Corner has provided an editable document, so I can type students' names on the cover page.

Then, I can choose the forms that I want to include.  I can also edit the existing forms to be able to label forms with assessments that I'm using or to create a graph for students to track their growth based on what we actually use in my classroom.

I love this form because students can begin the year by telling me what they are already good at.  The next page that I'm including is a sheet for goals so I know what they think they need to work on, but starting with the positive is going to help build that rapport with the students.

We use AIMSweb in my district for benchmark assessments.  I edited the original form to include one for R-CBM, then M-COMP, M-CAP, and Lexia (a reading program that my district pays for).

Students will also be able to monitor their own growth as we do progress monitoring activities.  

I have one of these charts for each of the assessments that have a goal sheet.

I also included a few different self-assessment pages to help students reflect on their journeys.

I'm pretty excited about having this all ready to go.  I don't plan on using sheet protectors in students' binders.  I just put these pages in sheet protectors so the pages don't have holes in them when I go to make copies. (Pardon my OCD.)

Well, that's it for me this week.  I'm looking forward to getting a little down time later to check out some others' blogs that have already linked up!

What are you working on to get ready for the new school year??

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