Saturday, September 27, 2014

FREE rubber stamp from VistaPrint

I found an offer years ago for a free return address stamp from VistaPrint.  This was back when I still lived in the Lower 48 and shipping was cheap.  (The stamp is free, but you still pay shipping.  It's not expensive, though.)  Anyway.   I was reminded about a conundrum that I am currently experiencing when I saw a VistaPrint commercial just a few minutes ago.  I lost the stamp some time between the end of last school year and now, so I had to cross my fingers in hopes that the offer was still available.

Good news!  They still offer the promotion!!

I was so relieved.  I loved my stamp.  It made labeling my books (yes, labeling my books) so much easier!

VistaPrint allows three lines of text (name, address line 1, and address line 2).  You obviously can customize the text on the stamp.  I chose to use the following text:

Line 1:  This book belongs to:
Line 2:  Ms. Dawley
Line 3:  Please return if found.

Stamping my books for my classroom library is so much faster than handwriting my name in every one and so much cheaper than printing labels for all of the books.

Here's how you can get yours:

1.  Go to the VistaPrint website and find the Free Rubber Stamp Trial Offer! (or just click here).
2.  Feel free to review the information, but just know that any other size or any other color ink is not free.
3.  Click Get Started.
4.  Enter your text, choose your design, and click next to go through the steps.

All you have to do is pay shipping!

Here's to making sure you get your classroom library books back when your tiny friends leave them in the lunch room!

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